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An ideal introduction to the topic of mental health, this program is suitable for all team types and perfect for larger audiences. Understanding Mental Health is the starting point for organisations looking to increase staff awareness of mental health and promote understanding and compassion around mental illness. The engaging, practical content explores ways to recognise signs and symptoms, and how to respond to someone who may be experiencing mental health challenges.


At different times in our lives, we all need help to get back on our feet.

When someone is struggling with a mental health condition, our role is to guide them to the available support networks.

This might involve getting professional help, like going to a doctor for an assessment or going to talk to a psychologist.

At work they may be able to access their Employee Assistance Service or talk to their manager about some temporary changes, such as flexible working hours.

Reaching out to family and friends or connecting with a community of people can be a tremendous help. Sometimes, just having someone to talk to, or getting practical help with things like grocery shopping or laundry can really reduce the pressure.

As well as getting help from others, there are many helpful personal choices someone can make to get better. This includes eating healthily, getting some exercise most days and sleeping seven to nine hours every night.


Ideal for
All Staff

Business Outcomes

  • Supports compliance with WHS/OH&S requirements
  • Encourages a psychologically safe workplace culture
  • Staff gain a better understanding about mental illness and how to respond appropriately
  • Increased awareness of EAP and further resources for support and assistance
  • De-stigmatises mental health so that further training and skills development can occur

Your team will learn

  • The signs and symptoms of mental illness
  • How to identify risk and protective factors for developing mental health issues
  • How to recognise early warning signs at work
  • The skills and confidence to approach others who may be struggling - colleagues, customers or clients
  • The importance of checking-in early and the support services available (e.g. EAP service).
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"I took a lot out of the session and can comfortably approach someone that is struggling as well as know the signs for myself."


CPA Australia

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Three Flexible Delivery Options

Understanding Mental Health can be delivered as customised
small group workshops to enterprise-scale programs


Duration: 1 hour

Online Hosted Seminars

Duration: 1 hour

Self-Paced Micro Learning

Duration: 4 x 10 minute modules

Market Leading Microlearning Programs

Increased knowledge retention, more engagement and better outcomes

Our state-of-the-art microlearning programs make evidence-based mental health training scalable, enjoyable, and accessible. Perfect for time-poor and remote employees, our programs deliver a consistent learning experience and specific outcomes with the convenience of online delivery.

Our programs can be deployed independently - or alongside our workshops - as part of a blended learning solution.


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Expert Mental Health Strategy and Training with a Difference

Helping you build a mentally healthy workplace culture

Aspect Group's formula for success delivers exceptional results for our clients. By tailoring our programs to suit your organisation's unique culture and needs, we consistently achieve a return on your investment and deliver powerful learning outcomes.

"I really enjoyed the workshop and found it really insightful. I'm sure it will help me to be a better colleague, as I can now look for the signs of mental illness and know what to do."


Department of Social Services

Request a free demo and complimentary strategy consult with an Organisational Psychologist


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Aspect was our preferred choice to deliver a holistic mental health program due to their ability to develop programs specifically for the need of the business. Aspect takes a proactive, professional, and very down-to-earth approach to developing and delivering mental health programs, placing the company’s and the employees’ needs at the centre of the program.

Client Testimonial
Michael Baker, Occupational Therapist

“I took a lot out of the session and can comfortably approach someone that is struggling as well as know the signs for myself.”

Participant Testimonial
Understanding Mental Health Participant, CPA Australia

“I found the training really helpful, particularly on how to de-escalate conflict. I think it will also help me support my colleagues and know my boundaries. Thank you!”

Participant Testimonial
Mental Health on the Frontline Participant, Lost Dog’s Home

“Aspect’s online training programs are a cost effective way to reach all our employees. We’ve made mental health training compulsory because we see it as being equally important as health and safety.”

Client Testimonial
Health and Safety Advisor, South East Water

“Aspect were able to tailor a program to the identified learning needs of our members and delivered an effective and impactful seminar.”

Client Testimonial
Deputy Principal, Leadership and Learning, Ave Maria College