How Aspect Group can continue to support you during COVID-19

As the pandemic continues to evolve, our team has taken measures to mitigate the spread of the virus to ensure the safety of our clients and more vulnerable members of our community, particularly the elderly and immunocompromised.  We are committed to supporting you and your staff through the pandemic. We can play a vital role in providing mental health services to build mental resilience and help your staff cope better with the challenges ahead.

How Aspect Group can continue to support you

A range of technologies enables us to offer high-quality services remotely, whether for assessments, coaching, executive briefings, workplace mental health training or advisory services.

* In-person meetings have been replaced with phone or videoconference discussions.

* We continue to deliver psychometric assessments and coaching services using online delivery and phone debriefings.

* Our online digital learning platform is designed to provide engaging and relevant information and practical strategies to help your employees manage stress and build mental fitness.

* In place of face-to-face group workshops, we can offer equivalent online mental health training courses that staff can do remotely, with a fully supported delivery and communications campaign.

We’ve included some Tipsheets below and encourage you to contact us for any advice, assistance or guidance you may need during this unprecedented time. We are here to help.

Stay well,
Charmaine and the Aspect team

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