Your Mental Health Matters Workshop Series

Aspect Group offers a wide range of engaging 1-hour workshops and seminars on a variety of mental health and wellbeing topics that are presented by our experienced in-house psychologists and workplace mental health specialists. Start with a single workshop, or choose a series of topics that reflect and support what is going on at your workplace. Workshops can be delivered face-to-face or virtually.

Mental Health Skills For Leaders


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Resilient leaders masterclass

You can’t build resilient teams without resilient leaders. That’s why resilience is among the most important skills for leaders at all levels to master. It’s not about avoiding difficulty and stress — that’s nearly impossible. Rather, the question is, how do you face it?

This practical one-hour masterclass will build your capacity to lead your team through the uncertainty of rapidly changing, increasingly demanding, modern workplaces. You’ll gain actionable takeaways to enhance your leadership capabilities and support your team through change and adversity while looking after yourself.

Executive Brief: Building a mentally healthy workplace culture

Work is a big part of our daily lives and can help to prevent mental ill-health by giving us a feeling of purpose and a sense of contribution. This practical session explores what makes up a mentally healthy workplace and the key actions that leaders can take. Organisational culture goes beyond individual responsibilities and actions. This session will highlight the organisational structures that can create a more positive and supportive work environment.

Mental Health Skills For Staff


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Understanding mental health

This introductory workshop is the ideal starting point for organisations looking to increase employee awareness and promote a general understanding of mental illness. Our mental health is not fixed. It moves back and forth on your own personal range in response to different stressors. This engaging, practical seminar will help you to understand the different types of mental illness and equip you with strategies to recognise, respond, and refer; if you, or someone you know, is struggling.

Building your resilience

Resilience gives us the strength to tackle problems head-on, overcome adversity, and move on with our lives. The good news? It can be learned. This introductory workshop takes a neuroscience-based approach to building personal resilience. By the end of the session, you will be able to identify the key capabilities required to overcome the inevitable pressures, changes, and setbacks of modern life. The skills are easy to apply, memorable, and applicable beyond the workplace setting.

Banishing Burnout: Signs, symptoms, and strategies for getting you back on track

If every day feels like Groundhog Day and you’re suffering from the signs of burnout, don’t just push through. Burnout reduces productivity and saps your energy, leaving you feeling increasingly helpless, hopeless, cynical, and resentful. Combating burnout may feel like an overwhelming task, especially after months of emotional fatigue, but if you’re armed with the right tools, it can be easier than you might think. This session will focus on what you can do to regain your balance and feel positive and hopeful again.

Navigating change in turbulent times

Our work and home lives have been disrupted like never before due to changing circumstances beyond our control including natural disasters, global unrest, and of course, the pandemic. This session will explore the common challenges we experience when faced with change and uncertainty as well as practical tips and strategies on how to maintain your physical and mental wellbeing during turbulent times.

Mental Mastery: Healthy thinking habits for optimal wellbeing

Our thoughts influence how we feel and act. Mastering our thoughts is therefore one of the most powerful things we can do if we want to take ownership over our lives. This session will look at common thinking traps, how they impact us in daily life, and practical tips to help you to shift to a more empowered mindset.

Rocking relationships @ work

Craving connection? Missing ‘water cooler’ conversations with workmates? You’re not alone. Human beings are social creatures. And when you consider that we spend one-third of our lives working, it’s clear that good relationships with colleagues make our jobs more enjoyable. This session will help you to create social capital, overcome blind spots, and build communication habits that create connections in a hybrid world.

Mental Health Foundations


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Better Boundaries: The psychology and science of boundary setting

Are you ready to reclaim your time, energy, and productivity at work? Discover balanced work-life dynamics with ‘Better Boundaries.’ Equip yourself with the essential skills to establish healthy boundaries while thriving in your personal and professional journey. We will understand the science and psychology of boundary setting and draw on real-life experiences, ensuring practical and actionable takeaways.

How to say “I’m not okay”

This practical workshop will address common concerns people have when it comes to reaching out for help. Following the session, you’ll have the skills and confidence to accept your vulnerability and have a safe and supportive “I am not ok” conversation with an appropriate other. Not only will being honest about your struggles help you feel better, but it also encourages others to be open, creating opportunities for a deeper connection.

Supporting someone with a mental health issue

If someone you know is affected by a mental health challenge, support from friends, family, and health professionals can make a big difference to their coping and recovery process. This practical session will teach you how to recognise the signs that a friend or family member is struggling with their mental health. You’ll learn how to offer support to a loved one through small gestures, like listening, keeping in touch, and showing you care. This session will also focus on how to look after yourself while supporting others.

Relationship survival guide

If the holiday season sometimes leaves you feeling stressed and ready for a meltdown, you’re not alone. It can often bring out the best—and the worst—in us, and our loved ones. If you value connection over conflict, then this session is for you! Learn to tame your emotional triggers with mindful moments, and apply healthy communication strategies to help you make-up, not break-up.

Better Sleep:  Practical tools for a satisfying slumber

Sleep. We all wish we had more of it. Yet it’s still. So. Elusive!  In this session, we explore the fascinating neuroscience of sleep and provide strategies to harness your body clock so you wake up feeling energised. Learn how sleep, or lack thereof, impacts your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Explore the importance of sleep hygiene and a pre-bedtime routine. By the end of the session, you’ll have a tool kit of strategies for a more satisfying slumber.

Practical Mindfulness: Build calm and focus with everyday habits

When life throws us curveballs, it’s easy to get stuck in negative feedback loops and self-talk which ultimately creates stress. And right now, stress is the last thing we need if we want to boost our immune systems and maintain a healthy mental state. Mindfulness is something we all naturally possess, but like anything, it gets better with regular practice. From this session, you’ll learn simple mindfulness strategies that you can incorporate into your daily life. Learn how to train your brain through mindfulness practices to stay focused on the positive, lower stress, and keep yourself mentally healthy.

Habit Hacking: Building positive habits that stick

Want to build rock-solid, empowering habits that last? More than 50% of your daily actions are habits formed through repeated actions over your life. Some serve you and some sabotage you. This session will teach you how to hack your habits for success. We will dive into the latest habit science and learn how to banish bad ones, and how to build positive habits that last a lifetime.

Tapping for Stress Relief

What if you could radically reduce your feelings of stress, anxiety, or pain in minutes and at the same time improve your immune function and lower stress, would you be interested?

Well, there is a way. It’s called Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT. Put simply, it’s like acupuncture without the needles. It might seem a bit weird, but numerous studies have found it to be as effective as gold standard therapies. Following the session, you’ll understand the science and evidence-base behind EFT tapping; and be able to apply this powerful self-help technique any time you feel the need.