Scale and sustain your mental health training

Our unique offering ensures our programs are scalable, accessible, engaging and highly relevant in the digital age ensuring that evidence based mental health awareness and training is now accessible and affordable for all levels and locations of your organisation.



Program snapshot

Here’s a quick snapshot of our suite of digital programs. They can be deployed as standalone, or in conjunction with our face to face workshops as part of a comprehensive tailored solution.

Our digital micro-learning content is a combination of lived experience speakers, and tutorials delivered by experts including Doctors and Psychologists. We have the highest quality animations, explanatory text, quizzes and engaging interactive exercises, including several ‘choose your own adventure’ exercises where learners can experience how an ‘are you ok’ conversation might best be approached.
Created in accordance with accessibility guidelines, our digital learning programs have been designed to ensure that there is no barrier to learning for staff with disabilities, ensuring that every learner is engaged and included.

We understand that it is not always possible to have all staff attend face to face training sessions. Given the often time poor and geographically dispersed nature of the modern workforce our state of the art, highly engaging digital programs means you can ensure everyone has access to program content. Each digital program has specific learning outcomes and aims to destigmatise mental illness in the workplace, educate your employees on how to manage their own mental health and prevent burnout and how to identify early if a colleague or direct report needs additional support.

All this delivers a highly engaging and practical learning experience that targets productivity and engagement, reduces absenteeism, and helps your organisation comply with mental health safety laws.

Find out how Aspect Mental Health can help your organisation move beyond awareness, towards a psychologically healthy culture