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The Business Case

Claims involving mental health conditions are usually associated with an above average time off work and higher than average claim costs.

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Aspect was our preferred choice to deliver a holistic mental health program due to their ability to develop programs specifically for the need of the business. Aspect takes a proactive, professional, and very down-to-earth approach to developing and delivering mental health programs, placing the company’s and the employees’ needs at the centre of the program.

Client Testimonial
Michael Baker, Occupational Therapist

“I took a lot out of the session and can comfortably approach someone that is struggling as well as know the signs for myself.”

Participant Testimonial
Understanding Mental Health Participant, CPA Australia

“I found the training really helpful, particularly on how to de-escalate conflict. I think it will also help me support my colleagues and know my boundaries. Thank you!”

Participant Testimonial
Mental Health on the Frontline Participant, Lost Dog’s Home

“Aspect’s online training programs are a cost effective way to reach all our employees. We’ve made mental health training compulsory because we see it as being equally important as health and safety.”

Client Testimonial
Health and Safety Advisor, South East Water

The mental health workshops delivered by the Apect team have been nothing short of transformative for our workforce.

Client Testimonial
Dr Julia Verena Stinshoff. Senior Medical Officer

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