Mindful Employer Becomes Aspect Mental Health

Our new promise: Beyond Awareness

Aspect Mental Health reflects Mindful Employer’s evolution beyond mental health awareness. Our expanded offering now includes scalable digital mental health training and tools that build individual resilience, prevent burnout and contribute to creating a psychologically safe culture on an even bigger scale. As our offering continues to evolve, our team remains focused on delivering the highest levels of return on investment for organisations, combined with an exceptional, impactful learning experience for participants.

Our story

You may be surprised to learn that Mindful Employer began in the UK as an NHS initiative, where it rapidly gained UK Government recognition for ‘best practice’ in mental health education. The program evolved to include the international Mindful Employer Charter which has over 2000 signatories internationally, including many of the worlds’ Top 500 companies. Membership of the Charter reflects a tangible commitment to improving and supporting the ongoing mental health of the working lives of their staff….in essence, a Mindful Employer.

In 2009, it was brought to Australia by leading national mental health charity SANE Australia in response to corporate demand for best practice workplace mental health solutions. Since then, the Mindful Employer team have been delivering evidence based mental health awareness and resilience training to employees, c-suite, senior leaders and managers across many industry sectors, making us one of the most experienced providers in Australia.

Leading Organisational Psychologist and Managing Director of Aspect Group, Charmaine Bourke, acquired Mindful Employer following years of consistent growth and increasing demand.

“By bringing Mindful Employer into the Aspect family, we’re able to fulfil our mandate to bring it into the digital era and expand the offering to meet the growing demand for high quality scalable, digital workplace mental health solutions.” Charmaine says.

SANE continues to strongly endorse the Mindful Employer program as Aspect Mental Health.

“We are incredibly proud of the work we do at Aspect and thankful for the clients, business partnerships, and support from leading mental health charities that have accompanied us in our growth. We owe this rebrand to all of you.” Charmaine says. “The time is right to consolidate our business under Aspect Group to better reflect the work we do today and into the future.”