Best-practice Workshops to Foster Psychologically Healthy Workplaces

Aspect Group offers a range of engaging mental health and wellbeing workshops and seminars presented by experienced in-house psychologists or workplace mental health specialists. Equip staff and leaders with practical evidence-based skills and knowledge designed to start conversations, reduce stigma, increase personal resilience and foster a psychologically healthy workplace culture. Start with a single 1-hour workshop, or choose a series of topics that reflect and support what is going on at your workplace. Workshops can be delivered face-to-face or virtually.

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Mental Health Foundations and Skill Development: 1-hour topics:


Understanding Mental Health: Awareness and practical tools on how to respond to colleagues experiencing mental health challenges

How to say “I’m not okay”: Accepting vulnerability and having safe and supportive conversations

Beating the Blah: Brain-based tips to improve focus, concentration and motivation and shift your mindset from languishing to flourishing

Understanding Depression and Anxiety: Identify causes, symptoms, effects, and understand steps to recovery

Vicarious Trauma: Understand how exposure to indirect trauma can impact us and develop effective strategies to support yourself and your team.

Supporting Someone with a Mental Health Condition: Recognise and respond to someone who is experiencing signs of mental ill health and learn tips to support them

Your Role in a Mentally Healthy Workplace: We all have a role to play in building and maintaining a mentally healthy workplace

Banishing Burnout: Signs, symptoms and strategies to help you regain balance and get you back on track

Banishing Team Burnout: Strategies to decrease the negative effects of stress and increase team health, connection, and wellbeing

EFT Tapping Technique for Stress Relief: Reduce anxiety in minutes using a simple evidence-based tapping technique

Sleep Well: Practical and evidence-based tools for a satisfying slumber

Breathe Well: Tools to calm the mind, reduce stress, and feel more energised and focused

Move Well: How to harness the power of movement to reduce stress and improve mental health

Think Well: Reduce rumination and learn healthy thinking habits for optimal wellbeing

Connect Well: Understand our biases, tame emotional triggers, and learn communication habits to increase connection and belonging at work

Better Boundaries: Practical tips for understanding your needs and setting and maintaining healthy limits

Habit Hacking for Positive Wellbeing: Learn the science of habits and the art of ‘habit stacking’ to build rock-solid, empowering habits that last

Practical Mindfulness: Build calm and focus with everyday habits you can easily incorporate into your day

Building Confidence at Work: Overcome ‘imposter syndrome’, recognise your strengths, and reframe your thinking in a way that builds you up, even after setbacks

Fearless Feedback: Understand how to give and receive feedback using evidence-based models to help you develop individuals and empower teams


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