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This comprehensive workshop supports the development of a whole-of-organisation approach to psychological health and safety. Using evidence-informed framework and approaches, the session supports development and practical application of strategic psychological health and safety approaches to your workplace. Application of learnings from the program will support and enhance WHS compliance activities as well as improving health and safety leadership, productivity, and people and culture outcomes to achieve long-term change.



Ideal for
Executives, Leaders, HR and OHS

Business Outcomes

  • Support WHS compliance activities
  • Improve health and safety leadership
  • Foster an inclusive workplace culture
  • Build support systems that promote good health and early help-seeking
  • Increase focus on improving mental wellness at work
  • Lead to reduced absenteeism, increased employee engagement and improved productivity

Your team will learn

  • Build a detailed understanding of the integrated approach to psychological health and safety
  • Understand and apply the steps to take when developing a workplace psychological health and wellbeing strategy
  • Gain an understanding of how to identify and minimise psychosocial risks in their own work context
  • Learn what and how data can be used to identify gaps and opportunities
  • Understand existing workplace strengths and identify opportunities to enhance and develop systems, processes, initiatives and activities to psychological health and safety
  • Learn what critical success factors to consider in order to support implementation
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"After recently coming face to face with a major mental health issue within my team I found the training to be very helpful to reflect on the steps I was quickly forced into activating."

Participant testimonial

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Two Flexible Delivery Options

Creating a Psychologically Healthy Workplace can be delivered as customised
small group workshops


Duration: 4 hours

Online Hosted Seminars

Duration: 4 hours

Expert Mental Health Strategy and Training with a Difference

Helping you build a mentally healthy workplace culture

Aspect Group's formula for success delivers exceptional results for our clients. By tailoring our programs to suit your organisation's unique culture and needs, we consistently achieve a return on your investment and deliver powerful learning outcomes.

I would recommend Aspect Group to any large, medium or small companies wanting to develop a tailored mental health program that will support the company’s employees as well as ensuring legislative compliance.

Michael Baker

Health and Wellness Professional, Occupational Therapist 

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Aspect was our preferred choice to deliver a holistic mental health program due to their ability to develop programs specifically for the need of the business. Aspect takes a proactive, professional, and very down-to-earth approach to developing and delivering mental health programs, placing the company’s and the employees’ needs at the centre of the program.

Client Testimonial
Michael Baker, Occupational Therapist

“I took a lot out of the session and can comfortably approach someone that is struggling as well as know the signs for myself.”

Participant Testimonial
Understanding Mental Health Participant, CPA Australia

“I found the training really helpful, particularly on how to de-escalate conflict. I think it will also help me support my colleagues and know my boundaries. Thank you!”

Participant Testimonial
Mental Health on the Frontline Participant, Lost Dog’s Home

“Aspect’s online training programs are a cost effective way to reach all our employees. We’ve made mental health training compulsory because we see it as being equally important as health and safety.”

Client Testimonial
Health and Safety Advisor, South East Water

The mental health workshops delivered by the Apect team have been nothing short of transformative for our workforce.

Client Testimonial
Dr Julia Verena Stinshoff. Senior Medical Officer